Quick and easy healthier chocolate treats by to her core

At Easter time as a child, we used to go into the “big city” – a large town of 125,000 people which was 45 minutes drive from our own sleepy little town – to stay with my grandparents. I remember the very first sleepover that started the tradition – my brother and father had headed off on a three-day fishing trip (which ended in their tent being covered in an unseasonable dump of snow) and my mother and I headed in to stay with her parents.

I was extremely excited – it was like going on a mini-holiday. I would get to see all of my cousins, and of course, there would be copious amounts of chocolate. Leading up to Easter Sunday however I started to get a little panicked realising there was one flaw to my ideal weekend – had anyone told the Easter Bunny where we would be so that he could deliver all my eggs!? My 8-year-old self woke up extremely relieved and excited to find chocolate eggs hidden all over the house the following morning.

Quick and easy healthier chocolate treats by to her core

I have always loved anything chocolatey, but there was always something particularly special about Easter eggs. I’m not sure if it was the shape or the fact that you could only get them once a year, but Easter egg chocolate was always my favorite.

This Easter, I have my heart set on a particular Easter egg that I want (specifically this if you are reading B – who knew popping candy in chocolate could taste so good!?) but other than that I have been experiment with raw chocolate quite a bit and plan on making some of my own raw chocolate treats. Starting out with these chocolate coated berries. They are incredibly quick and easy to make and deliver a good dose of antioxidants as well being high in vitamin C. Plus they taste DELICIOUS – the crisp chocolate shell cracks open when eating to deliver a sweet and juicy berry in the middle. If you love berries and dark chocolate as much as I do, you have to try these.

Quick and easy healthier chocolate treats by to her core

Raw chocolate berry balls

1/4 cup organic coconut oil
1/2 cup raw cacao
3 Tbsp coconut sugar
1 tsp vanilla (optional)

1/2 cup of mixed frozen berries

Add the coconut oil and sugar to a small saucepan over low heat and stir until the oil has melted and the sugar dissolved. Add cacao and vanilla if using and stir well ensuring no lumps are left.

Add the frozen berries one at a time to the chocolate and using a teaspoon coat the berry in chocolate and remove, placing it on a greaseproof sheet. Continue with the remaining berries, and then repeat so that each berry has two coatings of chocolate (or more depending on how much chocolate you have left). During this process the cold temperature of the frozen berries should quickly set the chocolate, whilst at the same time the berries will gradually defrost.

Makes around 30 balls

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