Berry bliss bowls

Delicious blended berry bliss bowl

When we have nothing else on, weekends often fall into somewhat of a routine. We usually get up of a Saturday morning and I’ll make us a nice, cooked breakfast whilst B entertains the dog or puts on a load of washing. We eat our meal with a pot of tea and read the daily papers in the backyard (hopefully in the warmth of the sun). Then there’s usually a bit of house cleaning – how much time and effort goes into this is dependent on numerous factors, such as how messy the house it, how nice the day is, and how many times I get distracted along the way. I have a terrible habit when cleaning of starting one task, getting side-tracked, and then commencing another before the first is finished. It usually goes something like this: I’ll get the vacuum cleaner out and start the floors, only to stop when I see a hairpin on the floor. I’ll stop the machine and pick up the hairpin and take it to the bathroom to put away, only to realise the sink needs to be washed. I’ll put on a pair of rubber gloves, and start to clean the sink and then shower, when I realise we’re nearly out of soap. I’ll go to add it to the shopping list on my phone which is on the kitchen bench, only to then get distracted by the washing up, and so on. An hour later and there will be four or five tasks commenced, and usually none finished. I guess you could say I am very unfocused and unproductive when it comes to house cleaning. I think it’s getting worse too – I feel as though the more productive and efficient I become in other areas of my life, the worse I get with the house cleaning.  Though I guess there are worse things in life to be bad at!

Delicious blended berry bliss bowl

So on to the recipe! When weekends get a little busier and I don’t have hours to spend making a wholesome cooked breakfast or attempting to do the housework, breakfast is a little quicker. In the summer months I have a variation of a green smoothie bowl on rotation, or this new favorite – a berry bliss bowl which makes a nice light change.

My blogging friend and fellow holistic health student Katie over at Whole Nourishment recently wrote a great post recently about listening to your body and eating with the seasons. Often your body will do this anyway, for example by craving warm foods such as soup and stews in winter and cooler food such as salads and cool drinks in summer. This is definitely a summer meal, and though its easy to get frozen berries year round, I definitely find my body craving warmer meals such as cooked eggs and porridge. But when the sun is shining, and you are craving something a little light yet filling and full of flavour, then this is it for me.

Delicious blended berry bliss bowl

Berry bliss bowls

3 cups frozen berries
1 small ripe avocado
1 ripe banana
1.5 cups almond milk
1 Tbsp acai berry powder, optional
2 tsp maca, optional

Add all ingredients to a blender, and process a minute or so until full blended and smooth.

Top with fresh berries and Superfood Smoothie Topper 

Serves 2


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    Beauty! I love this and the photos are popping off the screen. I’ve been enjoying the icier breakfasts now that its starting to warm up in my neck of the woods. :)

  2. says

    Such a beautiful bowl of colour – love it! I am loving smoothie bowls too at the moment – especially now Spring has approached. I am still yet to try Maca powder – I need to get my hands on the stuff! And I am so the same cleaning – hairpins all around the place – guilty!

  3. says

    Ah, thank you Dearna! I love this berry-avocado-maca combo, and would definitely feel blissful eating it. I’m filing this recipe for when it decides to stop raining and get above 10 C here! But you’re probably luck enough to enjoy these bowls almost all year around! And good luck with your cleaning this weekend. ;-)

    • says

      No worries, it was a great timely post (it stopped me buying imported grapes from the supermarket instead that night and reaching for the local apples instead :) Tasmania is quite far south so unfortunately it does get quiet cold down here over winter, I envy the other parts of the country where it stays warm year-round. Hope you have a great weekend x

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    Blissful is right… these look absolutely divine! I actually have some maca powder at home and I’ve been trying to think up new ways to consume more of it. My blender isn’t the best ever (OH for enough money for a Vitamix!) but I might give it a go with this bliss bowl recipe. As for cleaning? Argh. I hate it. Unfortunately, my husband hates it even more than I do so he’s the worst procrastinator ever. When it gets to the point where I can’t stand it anymore, I have a frenzied 6-hour Saturday of cleaning… and then I bask in the cleanliness for about a day before it starts getting untidy and dusty again. Don’t you hate that? Bah. Anyway, gorgeous photos. I want, I want! x

    • says

      I actually used to make this okay in my old blender and it worked okay – still lots of pips, but the avocado works well to make the texture nice and creamy where the blender cant. Haha, you and your husband have such a similar cleaning style to ours! We are just abut to embark on a cleaning frenzy though, so at least will have a clean, tidy house for a little while. Enjoy your weekend :)

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    These bowls are incredible! I’ve been wanting to try a smoothie bowl and these look like pure perfections. Bliss bowl, indeed!!

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