Oat, chia + yoghurt breakfast pots
Serves: 4
  • ¾ cup oats
  • ⅓ cup chia seeds
  • ½ vanilla pod (or ½ tsp vanilla extract)
  • ½ - 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2¼ cups liquid (I use ½ water, half milk)
  • Sweeter of choice - I use a small amount of stevia or 2 tsp raw honey.
  • ⅔ cup thick greek yoghurt
  • Toppings: fresh berries, sliced banana, stewed fruits, chopped nuts, seeds, shredded coconut
Coconut yoghurt
  • 1 part coconut cream
  • 3 parts greek yoghurt
  • Vanilla to taste (either fresh of vanilla extract)
  • Sweetener to taste
  1. Add the dry ingredients to a large jar and stir or shake to combine. Add the liquids and stir well. Note that there might seem like there's too much liquid at this point, but the chia seeds and oats will soak up a lot of the liquid. Leave in the fridge 3 - 4 hours (or preferably overnight) until it has thickened. At this point, if it seems a little too thick add a little extra liquid to thin it out a little. Then stir through the yoghurt until just combined.
  2. To make the coconut yoghurt, combine all ingredients in a jar and mix well.
  3. To serve, portion into four jars or bowls, and top with a scoop of the coconut yoghurt and toppings of choice.
  4. These will last in the fridge in sealed containers 5 - 6 days.
Recipe by to her core at https://tohercore.com/oat-chia-yoghurt-breakfast-pots/